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DIY Footstool, Side-Table, and TV Cabinet: #Magnolia

After finishing our DIY kitchen table for The Magnolia, I resumed hunting around for more recycled furniture possibilities. A quick trip to the Habitat Restore scored us a TV cabinet and a comfy, good quality wicker chair for me. Hubby is a recliner type of guy, so he had already decided to move his old one to The Magnolia.

We needed a side-table to put between our chairs, and I wanted a footstool for my chair.

Many years ago, a dear friend of my gave me two platform boxes that were left over from her granddaughter's dance recital. I used them for extra seating and a step-stool in my classroom for years. They are the perfect size for both a side-table and a footstool.

I had on hand a half-full bottle of crackle, many colors of paint, an old pillow, and leftover material from past projects. The total cost for these two projects? $0.00! Yippee!!!

I also scored a $20.00 wooden cabinet at the Habitat Restore that I thought would work nicely as a TV stand. After cleaning the cabinet well, it still had an "old" odor. Paint would cover the smell! So, I spray painted the back of the cabinet and painted the rest of the inside with acrylic Apple Barrel paint.

Then, I proceeded to crackle and paint the cabinet just as I had the side table and footstool. The overall crackle of the cabinet wasn't quite as appealing as I had hoped, but it blends well with the shabby-beachy decor.

The total cost for all three of these projects? $20.00!

Wishing you a wonderful day, and remember that kindness has the power to change the world!

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