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Gary's Micro-Camper: Part 7

Things have been moving slowly on the camper lately. I always think I can get more accomplished on one Saturday of working than is actually possible, but it's good to aim high and dream big!

I had a nice distraction while working in the beautiful sunshine yesterday. A nice human who was walking our neighborhood stopped and asked if he could look inside the camper. He's watched YouTube videos about building tiny houses but had not seen one in person. One of his goals is to build a tiny house of his own in his father-in-laws workshop, so I was grateful to have the opportunity to encourage him on his quest.

While my original hope was to complete the camper by spring break, I've now realized that I will, most likely, fall short of my goal. But, that's okay! My new goal is to make great progress during spring break and, hopefully, complete Gary's camper by the end of May.

Several Saturdays ago, I began the installation of windows and siding.

I purposefully designed the camper to have a snug fit in the trailer, leaving just enough room around the perimeter to slide in the siding; therefore, the installation of the siding has multiple steps.

Step 1: Slide a sheet of siding between the camper and trailer frames. Due to the tight fit, this step demands that Gary and I slide, push, pull, and otherwise coerce the siding into place.

Step 2: Mark the window opening and the roof line on the back of each sheet of siding.

Step 3: Remove the sheet of siding using the push, pull, and otherwise coercing method used in Step 1.

Step 4: Cut (with a skill saw and jig saw) the window opening and roof line markings on the siding. *If you are working alone and a human helper isn't available when you need them, you may need to get creative with your "helper". Just make sure you do so safely! I needed something to make sure the piece of siding I was cutting wouldn't collapse and break off clumsily. My step ladder propped up the piece that was likely to break off, so I was able to control the separation.*

Step 5: Prime the siding, since it can't be done after installation due to the partial obstruction created by the trailer frame. Let the primer dry.

Step 6: Paint the siding with exterior stain, since this also can't be done after installation due to the partial obstruction created by the trailer frame. Let the paint dry.

Step 7: Prep the window opening with weather barrier water-proofing membrane to prevent leaks.

Step 8: Install window using caulk, screws, and nails.

Step 9: Slide the cut, primed, and painted siding back into place with the slide, push, pull, and otherwise coercing method.

Step 10: Nail and screw the siding into place.

Step 11: Repeat steps as needed for each additional sheet of siding.

Since I've now completed the installation of both windows, the remainder of the siding placement may proceed more quickly... at least I hope so.

Wishing you a wonderful week filled with sunshine, and remember that kindness has the power to change the world!

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