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DIY: Day Bed for the Magnolia

The final piece of furniture needed for The Magnolia was a day bed with trundle to expand the number of sleeping guests from two to four. My idea was to use an old door I had purchased from the Habitat Restore as the back of the bed.

This project did require a few purchases, aside from the mattress, comforter, and pillows. I needed two cedar 4x4x8s, five 2x4x8s, a sheet of 1/2" plywood, and 28 brackets. I already had screws, stain, and paint on hand.

It's been way too hot to work outside, other than to cut and sand the boards. My sweet, muscle-man hubby carried the door inside for me. I could have done it with much effort, but it was a piece of cake for Mr. Strongman.

I love the look of cedar and wanted to tie it together with the same paint I used on the TV stand, side table, and foot stool. I'm very please with the combo of paint and stain.

This project really didn't involve a great deal of skill, and I kind of just made it up along the way. I had a basic idea of the overall size and shape in mind. As with everything I build, it seems, this day bed is heavy!

All of the pieces were dry-fitted at home, but I saved the major connections for the actual set up at The Magnolia. Otherwise, it may have not fit through the door.

I think I've given you this warning before, but I obviously don't listen to my own advice. Wear shoes when working! As you can see, I didn't once again. Ouch! Two by fours are heavy!

The comforter set arrived from Amazon, the mattress came from Overstock, and I picked up the pillows at Walmart. The total cost of the project was approximately $235.00. I'll add the trundle underneath soon.

We're very happy with the finished product, and the day bed is very comfy. I may have enjoyed a nap or two on it already!

Wishing you comfort in your daily life, and remember that kindness has the power to change the world!

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