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Gary's Micro-camper: Part 5

Updated: Feb 23, 2020

Three-day weekends are awesome! It rained on Saturday, but it was very much needed to combat our current mild drought, and it was a lazy day for me. Sunday and Monday were beautiful, and that allowed me to continue working on the micro-camper.

First, I bolted the camper frame to the trailer, along with using nails and screws.

I finished hanging/attaching the rafters.

Making a template and cutting the 4x4s for the slanted portion of the roof was next on my list. I attached them with timber screws, ring-shank nails, and deck screws, along with hurricane strapping.

And finally, I completed adding diagonal braces to all corners of the camper to safeguard against racking. When a structure racks, high winds (which Gary will incur as he pulls the camper down the roadway) can cause buildings to tilt and be forced out of plumb.

I'm hoping to complete the slanted section of the roof before next weekend.

Wishing you luck on your projects, and remember that kindness has the power to change the world!

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