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Stepping Out of My Comfort Zone

I'm an introvert and completely happy with my personality type. I enjoy visiting family and friends, along with taking trips occasionally (though medication is required when flights are involved), but I truly love being at home in my own environment rather than out in public. In my world (pandemic or not), working at home, online shopping, home delivery, and curbside pickup are awesome inventions!

Recently, I began selling my homemade gluten-free breakfast breads via Facebook under the Texas Cottage Food Law. (Facebook@ Smidgen & Shard, LLC) I've had the pleasure of sending my breads to customers in several Texas cities, and they've seemed very happy with their purchases. Garnering new Texas customers is my goal, but I'm reluctant to put a lot of money into advertising for a small, home-based business.

What does all of this have to do with stepping out of my comfort zone?? Yesterday, yours truly took a giant step and purveyed her own breads and artwork at a nearby Farmers' Market!

After wanting to back out of my commitment to attend, following a seemingly endless day of baking catastrophes coupled with a freezing morning temperature of 56 degrees (remember, I'm a south Texas girl), it turns out that I had a successful first attempt at the market and enjoyed the experience!

My sweet hubby accompanied me on my maiden voyage at the market, and it was comforting to have him nearby. Several of the other vendors were very welcoming, my best friend dropped by with her son for a quick visit, and I had the pleasure of seeing one of my former students. It's always so heartwarming when a former student remembers you fondly and is happy to see you.

I sold all but one loaf of cinnamon swirl bread, along with several pieces of coastal hand-painted decor. Those who stopped by my booth for a sample of gluten-free pumpkin bread were pleasantly surprised and complimentary regarding its taste and texture, so I'm hoping they will spread the word to others who require a gluten-free diet; although, most of my sales were to people who don't need gluten-free foods!

I love free word-of-mouth advertising - which was my whole goal for attending the market!

A friendly, elderly patron who frequents the local Tokyo Grill Restaurant took photos of my hand-painted coastal art and octopus mosaic, along with a few of my business cards, to share with the restaurant owners. She thinks my pieces would fit perfectly into their decor and is going to suggest that they contact me. What a compliment!

So, while many of my past posts have encouraged you to try new DIY activities, with this post I want to encourage you to step out into the world and try something new - out of your own comfort zone. While I'm confident my farmers' market experience will in no way change me from an introvert to an extrovert, it will make it easier for me to offer my goods at future markets.

Wishing you a peaceful and beautiful Sunday, and please remember that kindness has the power to change the world!

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2 opmerkingen

Mary Recio
Mary Recio
25 okt. 2020

BTW, remember Bee Cave has a Farmers Market. If you ever want to venture out to others, we would love to have you and Gary here to do so!


Mary Recio
Mary Recio
25 okt. 2020

So happy to hear what a "surprisingly" great experience the Farmers Market was for you on Saturday. It all sounds very encouraging! I saw what your are talking about though with Mike, another introvert, when he owned his MBE store. He related so effortlessly with his customers in a way I had not seen with others before. People can surprise you.

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