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"Roses & Blooms" Gossip Bench/Telephone Desk

Updated: Nov 14, 2022


Once upon a time - about 12 years ago, my oldest sister and I met in Luling, Texas for a visit and to exchange some glass tiles. If you've driven through Luling, you know there's not much there as far a shopping goes. It's a very small town that smells strongly of sulfer from the many oil fields surrounding the community.

Trying to keep ourselves busy and extend our visit, Kathee and I walked the length of Main Street several times that day, and the only thing I found to purchase was this old gossip bench, circa 1950 - 60. The desk wasn't much to look at, but I knew I could make it into something beautiful. And, it only took me 12 years to figure out what the design should be!

After a few coats of white paint, the vision became clear...Roses and Blooms.

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