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UPDATE to Reducing My Use of Plastics

It's a game changer!

While tea bags filled with coffee are a great environmentally-friendly alternative to purchasing coffee pods, my sister-in-law just put us on to this new phenomenon - disposable K-cup coffee filters! Thanks so much, ML!

You may remember from my previous post that cleaning the reusable/refillable K-cups was a pain - in my opinion. But, these new gems? They make cleaning the refillable containers a breeze! Just toss or (preferably) compost the used coffee-filled filters, rinse your container, and you're ready for another cup!

AND, these filters use less coffee than the tea bags. #savingmoney!

AND, you don't need to wait a few minutes for your coffee to brew. Just like a regular K-cup, it's instant gratification! #ineedcoffeenow!

AND, my hubby got this box of 300 from Amazon for less than $8.00 with free delivery. That's the same price as the tea bags! #whatabargain!

AND, we think our coffee may taste a bit smoother with these filters. #yum!

We'll still use the tea bags for rushed mornings, because they are easy to make ahead of time and store. But, for our leisurely days, we love the new alternative of K-cup filters. Awesome find, ML!

Have a fantastic week, and remember that kindness has the power to change the world!

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