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Small Steps Toward Reducing My Use Of Plastics

Like most people, viewing photos of plastic waste in our oceans and waterways makes me feel sad for our earth and its people, as well as guilty for the frequency of which I have used plastics throughout my lifetime. I want, and need, to find ways to reduce and reuse things made of plastic.

I love coffee. Now, I’m sure this sounds like I’m jumping subjects here, but bear with me! We have a Keurig coffee maker, and I adore the ease and speed of how it makes my morning cup of joe. But, those little K-cups are not friendly to our environment when they are not recycled.

We have about a dozen of the reusable K-cup filters, and while they work well, I hate cleaning them! My hubby prefers to use these for his weekend coffee consumption, but I cringe when it’s my turn to do the dishes with several of these little gems waiting for my attention.

For a while, I used San Francisco Bay pods that are compostable. While I enjoy the flavor of the coffee, as with all pods, they are a bit pricey. There are other eco-friendly coffee pods on the market, but I haven’t tried them out.

My solution? I began using 3.15” x 3.94” disposable tea filtering bags with our Keurig, though in a slightly different operation. I purchase mine through Amazon at a price of about $8.50 for 300 bags. Pre-filled coffee tea bags are available in stores, but they are much more expensive than filling your own.

The process: I fill each tea bag with 3 tablespoons of my favorite ground coffee, tie the strings shut, place the bag in my coffee mug, lift the pod-holder lever, and press the button for my desired size of brew.

In all honesty, the coffee is not immediately at its full flavored brew as it is with K-cups. But, I only need to let it seep for about two minutes to achieve my desired strength of taste! Hubby likes the process as well, and he likes it best when I fill the tea bags for him - which I did at the beginning just to help get him hooked on the idea!

It really doesn’t take very long to fill and prepare the bags. I normally make an entire week’s worth on Sunday afternoon in less than five-minute’s time and store them in a sealed glass container.

While there’s still much room for improvement with my household becoming more environmentally friendly, I feel that using coffee tea bags is a positive step forward. I hope you try it!

Remember, kindness has the power to change the world!

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