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Shoestring Ham, Cheese, & Zucchini quiche

A dear friend of mine had hand surgery earlier this week, so I spent some time with her to help out. Not knowing if she’d feel up to going out for dinner, I whipped up this tasty quiche to take with me for a no fuss meal. She enjoyed my offering, and it was a piece of quiche to make! ;)


Shoestring potatoes - enough for a thin layer (defrosted)

¾ cup diced ham

1 cup shredded (and squeezed) zucchini

2 oz. sliced mushrooms

1 cup shredded cheese (I used a Mexican blend)

1 Tablespoon mustard (any type)

8 large/extra large eggs

⅓ cup cream (substitute crema, Greek yogurt, half and half)

Salt and pepper to taste


Preheat oven to 375 degrees. Apply non-stick coating to pie pan or casserole dish. Place a layer of shoestring potatoes on the bottom of your dish, and top them with the ham, sliced mushrooms, and cheese. Shred the zucchini and squeeze out moisture. Spread on top of cheese. Mix together eggs, mustard, cream, and salt and pepper. Pour over the top. Bake for 45 minutes uncovered. Let rest for 5 minutes.

This little dish makes a great breakfast, lunch, or dinner, and it's gluten free! Enjoy!

Remember, kindness has the power to change the world!

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