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Gary's Micro-Camper (aka: Super-Tiny House on Wheels!)

My hubby joined the ranks of the retired on December 19, 2019!!! He's quite excited about having all the spare time he wants to pursue his hobbies - one of which is camping. I don't share his love of camping, but that topic is for another post...

Anyway, I wanted to give him an epic retirement gift, so I offered the option of building him a micro-camper. He loved the idea, so here we are! I got the idea from Zach and Tessa of Hansen Adventure Works at

When we started building Cooky, our first tiny house on wheels, I made notes in my phone about the steps of her build with the intention of documenting it in a blog. But, I discovered that I didn't have time to both build and write. With this build, however, I feel that I can do both since I have the experience of building Cooky and Bart's log cabin.

My original idea for the micro-camper was to use a utility trailer that we already have on hand, along with various other left-over building supplies. Gary chose to purchase a new utility trailer to insure that the base of his camper is in tip-top shape.

I drew out the plans for the 9'x5' camper that will include two windows, one door, and a composting toilet. The camper will not be wired for electricity, but it will have an opening in the wall (with a closable flap) for an extension cord to be fed through; thus, hubby can enjoy a window unit if needed.

The first step of the build was to paint the trailer deck boards with Kilz. This should help prevent rot from any moisture that may make its way between the deck boards and the floor of the camper.

Step two consisted of building the floor frame of the camper that is attached to the deck boards. I screwed the framing boards to the deck boards and will bolt the boards together after raising the walls.

Step three is to build the four walls of the camper. Yesterday, I built the short wall that will be at the tongue of the trailer. It's roof will slope upward to connect to the roof over the three tall walls. I think this design will help with the aerodynamics of pulling the camper down the road.

Today, I'm going to work on another wall or two, and I'll do my best to keep you updated on the progress!

Have a wonderful last few days of 2019, and always remember that kindness has the power to change the world!

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