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Eaves of a Cabin

Updated: Aug 30, 2019

I finally tackled (but did not come close to finishing) one of the remaining cabin jobs this morning. The project of the day was adding shiplap to the eaves of Bart’s cabin. Why is this one of the last eight or so remaining cabin jobs to complete, you may ask? Because, it’s really hard for a short girl to reach.

On a positive note, Bart was my helper today! He helped me wrestle the Little Giant ladder into place; this is a chore in and of itself. He also wrote down the measurements for each piece of shiplap as I called them out, along with fetching a few items as I discovered a need for them.

Isn’t he handsome?!!!

I’m not completely comfortable working on a ladder 18 feet in the air, but it doesn’t paralyze me in fear. Sometimes, a job must be done, and I’m not very good at waiting for someone else to do the job for me. If it’s my idea, I’m responsible for it.

I truly love Bart’s cabin, because it represents independence for him and a major accomplishment and dream realized for me, but nothing about this build has been easy. What’s the old saying… if it’s easy, it’s not worth it?

Today, the battle was fitting the shiplap into the eaves. I won, but it wore me out. Oh, well, I’ll just continue on another day!

Shiplap boards on cabin eaves

Enjoy whatever your dreams and accomplishments may be, and always remember, kindness has the power to change the world!

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