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Doggy Pill Pockets/Treats

Recipe time! As many of you know, it can be difficult (to say the least) to administer medications to pets. After purchasing over-the-counter pill pockets and seeing just how expensive they can get when daily medication is required, I came up with this simple, low-cost pill pocket recipe.


1 can pumpkin puree

2 cups oats

That's it!!! Of course, if you wish to add a bit more flavor, a smidgen of sodium-free beef/chicken broth powder can up the savory factor of these treats. Adjust the consistency of the pockets by adding more/less oats.


Mix ingredients together and roll into small balls. Arrange on a plate and freeze until firm. Pill pockets can then be transferred to an air-tight container and kept in the refrigerator for daily use. Simply push the medication into the pocket.

If you don't need to use them every day, pockets can be stored in the freezer and thawed individually for use.

Our three fur-people love their pill pockets! They each get one (with or without medication) so no one will feel left out.

This recipe is easy, cheap, and effective!

Have a beautiful day, and remember than kindness has the power to change the world!

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