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Absolutely Delicious and Easy Crepes!

Today began on a sweet note! Hubby gave me a crepe pan with crepe-making tools for my birthday, and we tried it out this morning. Some might say that a hubby giving his wife any type of cooking utensil is a no-no, but that's not true in this case!

My favorite food in the whole-wide world are the fresh raspberry crepes from the Jean-Pilippe Patisserie, located in the Bellagio Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas. In fact, we indulge ourselves by having one daily during our stays at the Bellagio.

Those trips don't happen very often, but my sweet hubby doesn't want me to have to wait years to have my favorite treat, and he knows I enjoy cooking. So, he gave me a crepe pan!

We planned to fill our crepes with bananas and blackberry syrup that I had in the freezer. I got what I thought was the blackberry syrup out of the freezer last night to thaw only to find out this morning that I had actually defrosted left-over cranberry sauce from Christmas!

It's really good cranberry sauce, so we decided to just go with it. Bananas and cranberry sauce filled our crepes, and they were delicious! Aside from the romance and ambiance associated with the Bellagio crepes, we happily concluded that our crepes were just as decadent!

The recipe I used comes from Brenna at Paper & Inc. The whole process was quick and easy. Thanks for the awesome recipe, Brenna!

I encourage you to indulge yourself or try something new today, and remember that kindness has the power to change the world!

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2 comentarios

Mary Recio
Mary Recio
14 jun 2020

wield not wheel... geez

Me gusta

Mary Recio
Mary Recio
13 jun 2020

Candy and Gary made these for us one morning. She is right; they are delicious. And, it was fun to watch Candy wheel the crepe making tools. We even attempted to make them on our own later. (It was a success.)

Me gusta
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